Escoffier Recipes

We would love to put all of the escoffier recipes here on the website. Sadly that is not possible because there are one thousand of them, so all we can do is put a handful here, and invite the reader to download the ESCOFFIER RECIPES here for just $7 to help cover our costs.

Escoffiers methods and recipes changed french cuisine into the systems of organisation that are in use in most high standard restaurant kitchens today, setting a new standard for his time, when the customer no longer wanted leisurely meals and banquets that could last for hours – as was the custom in early victorian times.

The customer now had the advantage of fast transport and trains which allowed day trips to the capital, so wanted fine dining delivered in much the times that are now standard in high class restaurants.

Escoffier’s recipes also define french cuisine, spanning the game and meats, the sauces, and haute cuisine deserts which all associate with french cuisine.

In the latter part of his career he finally committed the recipes to paper in his now famous guide culinaire – the guide to modern cookery. This guide in its final editions is expensive now, and costs welll in excess of $100 for an early edition, can be $200 or more in good condition. We have scanned the entire work to create a PDF which has the advantage over the paper version that it can be searched for your favourite recipes.

Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay speaks for the community of french cuisine chefs when he says he will always refer back to an authority like escoffier.

So Download the ESCOFFIER RECIPES for just $7 HERE

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