Poultry Glaze Recipes

Escoffier recipe 16 Escoffier -Poultry Glazes Reduce the poultry base indicated in Formula 10, and proceed in exactly the same way as for meat glaze (Formula 15),  Read More →

Various Glaze Recipes

Escoffier recipe 14 Escoffier – Various Glazes The various glazes of meat, fowl, game, and fish are merely stock reduced to the point of viscosity. Their uses are legion. Occasionally they serve in decking dishes with a brilliant and unctuous coating... 

Game Glaze Recipes

Escoffier recipe 17 Escoffier – game glazes Use the game base (Formula 8), and proceed as for meat glaze (Formula 15).  Read More →

Fish Glaze Recipes

Escoffier Recipe 18 Escoffier – Fish Glazes This glaze is used less often than the preceding ones. As it is only used to intensify the savour of sauces, it is sufficient for this purpose to prepare a white fish stock (Formula 11), which may be diluted...